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Team Kessler ¬†will help you reach your goals and knock out your bad habits. You’ll be strong both; physically and mentally !




As a client on Team Kessler you’ll get access to our extensive knowledge and experience. Together we’ll make the plans that will help you reach your goals. Through coaching we will make sure that you have the motivation to follow your plans. You can expect a new life with a surplus of energy, more strength and a bigger smile. And you might just become the family’s new Viking Warrior! We are looking forward to have you onboard the team.

What you get as a client on Team Kessler


Built in video chat and weekly updates with feedback

We are here to support you all the way on your journey to a new life style. It’s very important for us that you get lasting results that you can maintain yourself and that we work together in a personal, honest and valuable way. Communication is key! Every week you will do a check-in so we know that you are on the right track and to see if we need to adjust your plans.



Effective meal and training plans

We make the PERSONAL DIET PLAN according to your goals and your preferences when it comes to food. We also make plans based on how much time you have available and how much money you want to spend on your diet. Most importantly, your diet plan will help you achieve the goals you have!

Your TRAINING PLAN will also be custom made to you and the way you like to work out and be active. We will of course also consider how much experience you have when it comes to training and the injuries you might have. You get to decide if you want to work out at home, outside, at the gym or a combination. One thing is certain: We know how to make plans that will get you in shape!



Online coaching with Team Kessler will help you reach your goals! You might be dreaming about a life with more energy, a stronger mentality, a stronger body or a weight loss. Whatever your goal is we will you help you achieve the right mindset and give you the right tools to achieve your goals.

Imagine you’re a boxer about to fight the fight of your life. A boxer like that needs a strong team behind him or her. Team Kessler will be that strong team behind YOU!
We will help, motivate you and guide you in the right direction. We will make sure that you can fight back when you’re faced with challenges and give you the strength to knock out your bad habits.
You have supported me throughout my career and now it’s my time to give back! I know that hard work is required if you want to reach your goals and I know what it takes to get back on your feet after a defeat. My goal is to pass this on to you. I look forward to our collaboration.

Together with my team I will help you achieve your goals!

On Team Kessler we strongly believe that collaboration is the way forward. Throughout my professional boxing career I had strong team backing me up. Without my team I would never have been world champion.

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